The World Is Your Canvas

An Inspiring Prose Poem

The World Is Your Canvas

Life has no complicated secret;
To live means to experience.

Happiness or misfortune,
Sadness or joy-
Everything serves a purpose.

Mind not the tough memories and hard lessons,
but thank them for what they brought
and gracefully move on.

Focus on what you want and start walking.
Positive changes will be based
on our individual efforts and hopes,
as we work on ourselves to be better humans.

So don’t wait. Wipe off your tears. Fix your hair.
Jump in and believe in new opportunities.
Believe in rebirth, in new sunrises, and flowers.

Enjoy the waterfalls, butterflies, happy puppies,
happy kids, colorful ribbons, and pearls.

Your world is your canvas:
and you get to paint whatever you want on it!

Originally published at on April 3, 2024.



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