Specks of Light

A Ballad on Authenticity & Self-Discovery

A.B. - Mindful Words To Inspire
1 min readApr 26, 2024
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Specks of light float around wherever you go;

They draw near when you meditate,

When you connect to nature and Mother Earth,

Or even when you pet an animal.

They also shimmer when you share a smile,

Or extend a helping hand.

Specks of light envelop your world

Whenever you resonate with love.

A radiant flame shines within your hearts

And it is so heavily contagious

That you can’t help but smile.

So keep radiating that beacon of light into humanity —

It makes more difference than you could imagine

As love is the most contagious energy.

But to love others, you must first embrace yourself;

Do not try and change to fit in.

The tree branch may slightly lean toward the sun,

And yet retains its true form.

Your light, your love, your passion

Are desperately needed in countless lives

So be of service. Do good. Inspire.

Your sole purpose is to love,

To accept, and to leave judgment behind.

Your purpose is to be yourself beyond all societal constructs

In this earthly existence.

Your purpose is to be a speck of light

In the hearts and souls of humanity.

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