I See Them, and It Hurts

A ballad of mindful introspection

A.B. - Mindful Words To Inspire
3 min readMay 23, 2023
Photo by Rafael Hoyos Weht on Unsplash

I see them living their lives,

filled with items on their full-size shelves,

inside their three-car garages

while their hearts remain empty.

And it really hurts.

I see them living as if their consciousness and bodies

were one and the same,

as if their bones and flesh lasted forever;

Accumulating things and more things,

just to lose them all once buried underground.

And it hurts.

I see them complaining all day.

About their jobs. About their families. Their neighbors. Kids.

Yet they don't realize that they would suffer

if these things and people

were suddenly to be taken away from them in a snap of fingers.

And God, that hurts.

I see them having no idea or acknowledgment,

that in a faraway, lifeless room, lies someone who’d give it all

to have their health.

Their pet. Their family. Their warm and simple homes.



A.B. - Mindful Words To Inspire

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