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A raw approach on purpose for spiritual seekers

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5 min readNov 4, 2023
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It is no secret that most spiritual seekers and students worry a bit too much about their life mission. Following their path of self-discovery and cutting chords with all that no longer serves a purpose, they tend to feel very disconnected from the world.

Then they start questioning themselves on their role in the world. Their famous “life mission.”

What am I supposed to do with my life? How can I serve? How can I help others or the planet? What am I doing here stuck in a job I hate and doing nothing important?

They ask themselves questions like these over and over again. They want to quit their jobs. Become a healer. Save the world. Do yoga at the beach every day. Some may even feel the need to seclude themselves in a cabin in the woods for months. Anything that will bring them “purpose”.

But what is purpose anyway?

The desire of searching for life mission can become a forced and tiresome quest for every awakened soul. After all, life is short so we might as well live it properly, right?

To be honest, I was in the position for many years. Let’s all be real. The great majority of us does not have a career that rocks our…



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