A prose poem in honor of my best friend

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2 min readMay 31, 2023
Blue, my 16-year-old full of spunk and love

Today I am feeling blue.

But of a different kind.

Blue were the skies when you left us on this earthly plane.

As I drove you to your new destiny, your new home.

Going up and down winding roads and hills,

With tears in my eyes,

I couldn’t help but think

What a beautiful day to celebrate

the end of your Earthly journey

And the beginning of a magical one,

In a world free of pain,

Free of worries.

A world filled with Blue. Blue skies, blue streams, blue flowers.

When we first met, they called you Shadow

“Shadow?” I thought. “What a dark name!”

So I named you Blue.

And you became Blue Shadow.

A feline with a sense of wonder,

An explorer of the world,

Lover of streams, birds, and grass

You turned your Shadow into something light and meaningful

You gave me Shadow, protection from pain.



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